Jung Moo Kyung with his Dream ADA-128 Converter

Mad Soul Child Switches to Prism Sound’s Dream ADA-128 Converter

Korean composer/production team Mad Soul Child has joined a growing band of discerning professionals who are using Prism Sound’s new Dream ADA-128 modular converter for their audio conversion needs.
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Prism Sound Audio Converters

Prism Sound Cheers The Market With Price Reductions

The company’s audio converters and interfaces, including the DREAM ADA-128, are coming down in price thanks to reductions in operational costs.
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Matthew O'Malley at the Birmingham Conservatoire

From Conception To Delivery – The Birth Of Prism Sound’s Dream ADA-128

Sometimes, the spark of an idea emerges from nothing more than a creative discussion. The RBC was looking for high quality converters with a very small footprint. They approached us
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Bernard Seidler adds a Prism Sound Dream ADA-128 Converter to his recording setup

Bernard Seidler Adds A Prism Sound Dream ADA-128 Converter To His Recording Set Up

By replacing two Prism Sound ADA-8XR converters with this new Dream ADA-128 unit, Bernard Seidler now has less equipment to transport when he is recording music live.
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Prism Sound Lyra 2 Special Edition

Prism Sound Sees Red To Beat The Counterfeiters

Prism Sound is fighting back against counterfeiters by launching special edition units with distinctive red front panels.
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Ginger Audio

Prism Sound’s DREAM ADA-128 Converter Now Comes With Ginger Audio GroundControl Sphere Software

This powerful speaker management, routing and control room software is included as standard in Prism Sound’s versatile DREAM ADA-128 audio converter, for no extra charge.
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