June 10th 2024: The UK manufacturer is dismayed to see counterfeit units are still being sold, especially in the Far East, with potentially life-threatening consequences.

Fake LYRA units are dangerous

Audio interface specialist Prism Sound is warning audio professionals to watch out for dangerous fake versions of its award-winning Lyra audio interfaces after yet more counterfeits have been discovered.

In recent months customers who have fallen for this scam have been left high and dry when the fake units malfunction and they discover there is no warranty or support for them. Worse still, some of these units are literally dangerous.

“It’s simple, really,” says Prism Sound’s International Sales Director Mark Evans. “If you want a Lyra 1 or 2, buy it from an authorised dealer. Don’t throw your money away on a fake. If a deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

The fake units, which it is believed are being illegally manufactured in the Far East, are not only bad for the customers who buy them, but also for the Prism Sound brand. For over 35 years, Prism Sound has built an enviable international reputation for audio quality, reliability and the build quality of its products – all of which are characteristics not found in fake units.

“Since discovering these counterfeits, we have been examining them thoroughly and have run numerous tests that indicate just how substandard they are,” Evans adds. “Some of them are really dangerous and so badly put together that there is a high risk of serious electrical malfunction. Obviously, this could put people at risk and cause untold damage to homes and studios. By highlighting this danger, we hope we can protect our customers from losing money, or much worse.”

The price of a legitimate new Lyra interface is £1899.00. While it is understood that cheaper units are available on the second-hand market, Prism Sound advises anyone thinking of buying one to check with them first.

“We can easily verify the authenticity of a Prism Sound product – all customers have to do is email us for guidance on how to distinguish a real unit from a fake one,” Evans says. “Counterfeit interfaces may look convincing but under the surface they are poorly made and fall a long way short of the audio performance and build quality of the Prism Sound brand.”

Prism Sound Audio Converters
If you want a Lyra, buy it from an authorised dealer. If a deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.