The amount of delay required varies depending on the sample rate.

ADA-8 and ADA-8XR Pro Tools HD – Hardware insert delay

Pro Tools HD allows users to specify the latency of outboard hardware (such as effects devices) in the H/W Insert Delay page of the I/O Setup dialogue. You can enter hardware insert latency, in milliseconds, in a field that corresponds to every input/output pair. These times will be used by the Delay Compensation Engine to time align input paths when a hardware insert is used.

To set an insert delay offset: Enter a value, in milliseconds, in the field corresponding with the input where the hardware insert is connected.

NOTE: Insert delay offsets only have an effect when the I/O is used for hardware inserts.

The following table show the delay compensation that can be applied in the Hardware Insert Delay feature of Pro Tools HD when using the Prism Sound ADA-8 and Prism Sound ADA-8XR multi-channel converters:

Sample RateADA-8 DelayADA-8XR Delay
44.1 kHz2.6 ms1.95 ms
48 kHz2.41 ms1.79 ms
88.2 kHz1.3 ms0.98 ms
96 kHz1.26 ms0.9 ms
176.4 kHz0.49 ms
192 kHz0.45 ms