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It’s very important to check that you have the correct version of the Control Panel software before proceeding with the MDIO firmware update. The incorrect version will render the unit unusable!

On a PC, the software should be 1.15 (Dec 2016) or higher – you can check the version number in Windows Control Panel / Apps and Features (or Programs..). Find “Prism Sound USB Audio Interface software” and the version is displayed.

On a Mac, the software package required is 1.24 (Aug. 2018) or higher. You can check the version of the Control Panel by clicking on the App menu bar at the top of the screen – select “Prism Sound USB Audio”, then “About Prism Sound Control App”. The version of the Control Panel app should be reported as 1.16 or higher, 1.24 is the version of the software package which contains a number of elements which all have different version numbers.


NOTE:- the Titan and Atlas units have firmware which may be updated. Also, the MDIO modules themselves have separate firmware which may be updated from time to time. The main unit firmware and MDIO module firmware are in different files and are uploaded separately.

The Firmware Loading Guide has details of the firmware loading procedure. Updating the firmware for the MDIO-PTHDX uses the exact same procedure. When you select an MDIO-PTHDX firmware file, the bootloader software will recognise it, and will change the Firmware: field of its display to show the existing firmware in the MDIO-PTHDX module (where previously it was showing the firmware version of the main unit).

IMPORTANT: You should upgrade the driver/control panel software and the main unit’s firmware to versions downloaded at the same time - do this before uploading the MDIO-PTHDX firmware. Different combinations of driver and firmware version may be incompatible. To work out what version of the main unit firmware is already loaded, see this FAQ.

Version 1.02 MDIO-PTHDX firmware fixes a problem with possible clicking on audio outputs when the Pro Tools software starts or closes.