• Version 2.05
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  • Create Date September 30, 2020
  • Last Updated October 23, 2020

Drivers and control app for Atlas, Titan and Lyra V2.05 Windows 8 and 10 64-bit


The download file is a windows 64 bit executable (.exe) which installs the drivers and control panel application for Lyra, Titan and Atlas on Windows 8 or 10. Simply run it and follow instructions to install the control panel application. You do not need to uninstall the previous version first.

IMPORTANT: Generally, you should upgrade the driver/control panel software and the device firmware to versions downloaded at the same time. Different combinations of driver and firmware version may be incompatible. The firmware version is reported in the top bar of the new black Control app. This control panel application is also used to update the firmware. Always update the Control Panel software first before performing the separate firmware update process. Please see the Firmware Loading Guide for details of the procedure.

The v2.05 release has the following upgrades compared to the previous 2.03 release

Updated drivers for Windows. A Windows update had changed the behaviour of Windows WDM, which had caused some issues trying to play from Windows apps – Windows Media player or i.e. from a browser. The new drivers fix these problems.
Note that WASAPI exclusive mode is no longer supported – if your application needs to change the sample rate when playing, you should use the ASIO driver.

The ASIO driver has two fixes:-

  1. A fix for possible Studio 1 problem when using Mixdown in Studio 1 – Studio 1 may have hung.
  2. A fix for a possible inability to initialise the Lyra/Titan/Atlas ASIO driver on PCs with many Cores.

This issue has been seen with Ableton, Studio 1 with Rewire, and with Sequoia with particular settings, and it relates to how the DAW app sets up priority threads. With CPUs with many cores, the DAW is taking the maximum number of priority threads, which meant Lyra, Titan or Atlas could not take one. The ASIO driver no longer relies on using a priority thread if there are no more available.

If your unit already has the 1.17 firmware installed from updating to v2.03 Control panel, then there is no need to update the firmware, but if you are updating from the old grey Control app, you should update to the new firmware but only after updating the Control Panel first.

Compared to the 1.24 release, the new packages include the new black Control app, as well as support on Atlas and Titan for the MDIO-Dante module.

The 64bit v2.05 installer packages for PC include:- Control Panel v2.0.3, PC Driver v2.0.6496, Firmware for Lyra v1.17.6486 and for Titan and Atlas v1.17.6484, Verifile Checker v1.01.