Cambridge, UK: February 8th 2022: Courtney Pine OBE/CBE in conversation with Prism Sound’s Jody Thorne.

Prism Sound Presents Creative Conversations. On the 16th of February at 7pm in the UK, we will be talking to ground breaking, multi- instrumentalist Courtney Pine.

Musician and saxophonist Courtney Pine OBE has released 16 studio albums to date and continues to tour Worldwide with his award winning band playing clubs, concert halls and festivals from Glastonbury to Fuji Rock, Montreux to Cape Town.

No musician more embodies the dramatic transformation in the British jazz scene over the past thirty years than saxophonist Courtney Pine. The ground breaking, multi- instrumentalist has led a generation of exciting and innovative players who have broadened their styles to take jazz out to a wider audience.

Join us on Wednesday 16th February where we talk to Courtney Pine about his extensive career, his love of jazz music as well as being awarded OBE and CBE.

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