Viewed from the rear the connectors are as follows (left to right):

IEC320Mains Power inlet
XLR-MaleAnalogue OutAnalogue out left/A
XLR-MaleAnalogue OutAnalogue out right/B
XLR-FemaleDigital InDI1 – AES3
XLR-FemaleDigital InDI2 – AES3 (Left channel for Split96, 2-wire 96kHz)
XLR-FemaleDigital InDI3 – AES3 (Right channel for Split96, 2-wire 96kHz)
OPTICALDigital InDI4 – IEC958 optical
RCA-phonoDigital InDI5 – IEC958 coaxial
BNC-75 OhmDigital InDI6 – AES-3ID or L – SDIF-2 input left/A
BNC-75 OhmDigital InDI7 – AES-31D or R – SDIF-2 input right/B
BNC-75 OhmDigital InWCK – Word-clock input
BNC-75 OhmDigital OutL – SDIF-2 output left/A
BNC-75 OhmDigital OutR – SDIF-2 output right/B
BNC-75 OhmDigital OutWCK – Word-clock output
RCA-phonoDigital OutIEC958 consumer format
OPTICALDigital OutIEC958 consumer format
XLR-MaleDigital OutDO1 – AES3 output 1
XLR-MaleDigital OutDO1 – AES3 output 2

XLR wiring conventions for both analogue and digital connections are:

pin 1Screen/Ground
pin 2Balanced input or output (Hot or ‘+’)
pin 3Balanced input or output (Cold or ‘-‘)