Cambridge, UK: December 14th 2020: The renowned French producer and DJ has invested in a Lyra 2 audio interface because it offers him the sound quality he needs for his recordings and live shows.

Based on the audio path and clock circuitry of the award-winning Orpheus audio interface, Prism Sound’s Lyra and Lyra 2 interfaces are the ideal cost effective solution for artists who want high quality conversion but don’t require a large I/O count.

The latest audio professional to discover these versatile units is producer and DJ Michael Canitrot who has invested in a Lyra 2 interface for his project studio in Paris.

“I am obsessed with the sound quality of my productions, so having a great sound card is essential,” he says. “The definition and precision of the Lyra 2 is fabulous.”

Born and raised in France, Canitrot grew up surrounded by vinyl and turntables because his father is also a DJ – at a French radio station. Canitrot’s first DJ sets were for friends and family, but by 2000 he was building a reputation as a professional DJ, working in top Parisian clubs such as Bains-Douches and the Queen on the Champs Elysées.

“I also wanted to produce my own events, so I created a party called So Happy in Paris,” he explains. “This project allowed me to travel and mix all over the world and meet incredible artists and people.”

Alongside sound quality, it was Lyra 2’s transportability that appealed to Michael Canitrot. Thanks to its compact chassis, the unit is highly portable and can easily be moved from one studio to another or used on the road.

In normal times, when there isn’t a pandemic, this perfectly suits Canitrot as he often moves between Europe and the USA to write with specific artists or master his projects. Lyra can now travel with him so that he never misses the opportunity to capture an idea or a demo.

“I like to change environment because that always stimulates my imagination,” he says. “My workflow is mainly ‘in the box’ and my own studio is equipped with a MacBook Pro with Logic, a Komplete Kontrol S49 keyboard, Neumann KH 120 monitors and various synths. I also have a selection of favourite plugins that include Sylenth, Diva, Serum, Kontakt, Omnisphere, Dune 3 and Korg M1. I switch to commercial studios when I reach the stage where a project needs mixing or when I want to record with other artists. There are two studios close to my apartment in Paris that I often use because I feel very much at home there.”

Canitrot is currently recording a new album, Cycle, which will be released at the beginning of 2021. He is also working on music for a new film and preparing live sets for a project entitled Monumental Tour – a series of concerts held at French historical sites that aim to showcase the architecture of the buildings and collect donations for their ongoing preservation. The most recent of these took place over the summer at Château de Vincennes. (

Michael Canitrot: